How it works

The MediTouch HandTutor physical therapy product has been developed to allow for functional and fine motor rehabilitation of the hand.

Get motivated while playing Games

The physical therapy exercises are designed in the form of challenging games and are suitable for a wide variety of neurological and orthopedic injury and disease.

Designed to comfort

The Hand Tutor system allows for a range of bio-mechanical evaluation including speed, passive and active range of motion and motion analysis of the fingers and wrist.

State of the art software

Quantitative bio-mechanical data allow for objective evaluation and physical therapy treatment follow up.

It is easy to use

The system consists of an ergonomic wearable glove and dedicated physical therapy rehabilitation software.

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Innovative physical therapy solutions for Professionals and Home care use

Simple, flexible, and designed to achieve best performance.

  • Low Cost Professional Products

    Low Cost Professional Products

    Use our professional physical therapy products in your own home just like in the biggest hospitals.

  • Very easy to customize

    Very easy to customize

    Our augmented motion feedback system give you a tailored arm, leg and any other joint physical therapy program.

  • Tele-Rehabilitation


    Our Physical and Occupational therapist connect to the patient through the internet and give regular check-in and guided exercise sessions.

What our customers are saying

If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

If you find a device like the MediTouch that works for you, it is worth the investment, That certainly aided my rehabilitation. If it helps you live your life and do basic things like cooking and cleaning and getting yourself dressed, how much is that worth? It is worth a huge amount.
Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr
BBC Journalist Sunday Telegraph UK
We found that there was a very remark improvement in the motor planning skills, so much that he was able to improve a lot of his ADL skills that required fine motor coordination.
Jan Gassner
Jan Gassner
Head of TBI Department, Sheba Hospital
Metthew suffer traumatic brain injury, four years ago in a serious motor vehicle crash... I know it's a big issue getting people to do their therapy and so I'm firm believer - it really has made a difference in matthew's life.
Ed Slattery
Ed Slattery
Metthew Slattery Father

About MediTouch


MediTouch was established in 2004 with the aim of developing and distributing wearable and affordable motion feedback devices for the upper and lower extremity physical rehabilitation market. The rehabilitation method is based on the proven concepts of intensive and repetitive exercise, practice and feedback.

MediTouch has developed a low cost technological platform that precisely determines the position and speed of motion of human body joints. Together with clinical knowhow from the fields of occupational and physical therapy, MediTouch has developed rehabilitation platforms that use exercises and biofeedback to improve patient’s lower and upper extremity functional movement ability.

MediTouch firstly targeted hand rehabilitation indications and launched its HandTutor™ system with CE and FDA certification in 2008. The HandTutor™ system is now used world wide in major rehabilitation faciltities, private occupational and physiotherapist practices and by home care patients.

In 2011 MediTouch launched three new Tutor products. Firstly, the ArmTutor™ allows for evaluation and virtual functional task evaluation of the arm including the shoulder and elbow. Secondly the LegTutor™ was introduced to allow evaluation and virtual functional task treatment of the hip and knee. Finally, the 3DTutor™, a wireless sensor was introduced. The 3DTutor™ can be positioned on several parts of the body and compliments the ArmTutor™ and LegTutor™ to give complete upper and lower extremity evaluation and treatment solutions.

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